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Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-rings and Application Research

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?Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-rings and Application Research

??Joy to the automobile industry and the oil industry, requiring a fine nitrile rubber component industry development, not only need oil, also we need to have good resistance to high pressure, high temperature resistance, various characteristics such as oxygen. Today's society, ordinary nitrile rubber O-rings have been far from meeting these requirements, the need people for the rubber O-ring performance improvement, hydrogenated nitrile rubber is to meet the needs of the development of this new success.

??HNBR temperature resistance of 130 ~ 180 ?, cold as -55 ~ -38 ? and excellent mechanical properties, compared with other polymers to better meet the requirements of the automotive industry. With ZnO / methacrylic acid (MAA) reinforced belt HNBR can be made, and other regulations belt, multi-layer plastic triangle ring, vibration, etc; also be prepared seals, seals, heat pipe.

??In oil drilling, requiring rubber must withstand high temperatures, high pressure, acids, amines, H2S, CO2, CH4 and other steam test. The HNBR prepared with a variety of products, can be acid, oil, solvent. With ZnO / MAA reinforced HNBR can be used to make drilling mud pump piston to protect me and. In addition, the use made of papier-mache HNBR beating method will be used as the oil industry and automotive gaskets sealing gasket.

??Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-ring heat and radiation resistance to other rubber O-ring to be good, suitable for power stations, aerospace, hydraulic seals, etc. In addition, with ZnO / MAA, peroxides, high abrasion furnace black patch strong HNBR, its overall performance is better than ordinary HNBR. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber O-ring research and application, highlighting the further development of the rubber industry.




Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1000-2000 pcs
2.What is your lead time?
If there is in stock,the lead time will be 3-5 working days,if out of stock,it will be 7-10 working.
3.What is your payment?
We accept paypal,T/T,Western union,bank transfer.
4.What is your shipping way?
By Air:Fedex,DHL,T/T,EMS,UPS.. or by sea.
5. How do you guarantee the o ring is correct size ,material and hardness when I receive the goods.
Before shipping, we will send you our specification report.
6.For OEM or ODM order, how do I guarantee the product correctly meet my requirement.
Before we start to production, we will open a new sample mould to make a samples, after you confirm it, we will be ready to produce the goods in bulk.
7. when we receive the goods, some of them were damaged, how do you solve it?
First, before shipment, we will inspect all product.Seocnd,Though they are well packed,sometimes damage can`t be avoided because of the rough handing during shipping. Third, In this case,please contact me and send the pictures to me,let me know the quantity which is broken,we will resend them to you with next order.
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